Men can have large breasts. Yes, you read it right – men are not exempted from having overly-sized breasts. Here we will tackle about the condition that causes men to have overdeveloped breasts, the male breast reduction procedures they can undergo to get rid of their breast issue, and their corresponding costs.


Male breast reduction surgery: What is it for?

Male reduction surgery, otherwise known as a gynaecomastia surgery, is the go-to solution for gynaecomastia. This condition is the abnormal overgrowth of breast tissues in men, causing them to progress into bigger, more emphasised breasts.


Male breast reduction surgery: What causes gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia can result from either a hormonal imbalance or consumption of certain medications that affect men’s hormones. There are noted increased estrogen (female hormone) production and low androgen (male hormone) production for men who have this condition. Teenage boys entering puberty may experience this as a normal part of growing up and may resolve or outgrow it naturally. However, if it persists, it would entail the need to be fixed.



Male breast reduction surgery: What are other options?

Some doctors may recommend different medications to help resolve this annoying condition in men. Intake of testosterone replacement medication may help, but it is not indicated for those who have normal testosterone levels. Medicines that may also be prescribed are clomiphene, Danazol, or tamoxifen, but their use to treat gynaecomastia is not yet proven to be as effective in elimination excess breast tissues in men. The only go-to solution plastic surgeons use for gynaecomastia is male breast reduction surgery.


Male breast reduction surgery: How is it performed?

There are different techniques plastic surgeons use for male breast reduction, all depending on your condition and need. Most plastic surgeons use liposuction to remove the excess breast fats then surgically excising the excess breast tissue and skin to make the breast decrease in size, making them look flatter and well-proportioned to the patient’s built. There are cases where liposuction is the only procedure needed by a patient, sometimes, it is just the excision surgery, and other times, it is a combination of both that does the trick better.


Male breast reduction surgery: How much is it?

In Australia, male breast reduction surgery can have a price tag that ranges from $2000 to $10000, depending on the patient’s needs, condition, surgeon’s expertise, procedure, and the location where you would want your surgery to be performed.


Male breast reduction surgery: What to expect after the procedure?

It is common to expect to have drainage tubes attached to each breast for easy wound drainage. Pain, swelling, and bruising give a given when undergoing any invasive surgical procedures. Your plastic surgeon may try hard to conceal your incisions by placing them around the dark pigmented part of your breast called the areola, and you may also feel numbness around this area post-surgery. Expect that your plastic surgeon may recommend ways to prevent complications postprocedure by:

  • Following the post-operative instructions and wound care tips thoroughly.
  • Avoiding heavy lifting and other strenuous activities until the plastic surgeon signs off on these physical exertions.
  • Continue healthy diet and exercise routines as approved by your plastic surgeon to maintain a fit body and lifestyle.
  • Feel better about yourself and keep a positive outlook in life. Even the best most effective cosmetic surgery cannot make you feel good if you only see the flaws that your physical appearance may have. There is nothing better than to make it a habit of maintaining a healthy mindset.

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