Breast reduction surgery is one of the few cosmetic surgery procedures that affect the aesthetic and functional nature of the body. Most people would think that breast reduction is a ridiculous surgery since having large breasts is sexy. They do not know the disadvantages and discomfort that these bring. And having this surgery in Australia would really take a toll on anyone’s budget. So let us discover breast reduction Thailand has so we can have an idea about alternative options Australians consider when thinking about undergoing this breast surgery.


Breast reduction Thailand: Why undergo breast reduction?

Having overly large breasts may be misconstrued as a blessing, a physical trait that sexy women have, and others would go the extra mile to achieve. What they don’t know is that having asymmetric breasts that are not well-proportioned to the body can cause serious health problems and discomfort. A patient with enormous breasts may complain of moderate back, neck, and shoulder pain due to the heavy weight of the breasts. Patients also complain of having skin irritations and rashes underneath the breasts and on their shoulders caused by having overly-large breasts. They also feel self-conscious because of the unwanted attention their chests get. Feeling left-out during physical activities like contact sports is also part of these women’s struggle with having excessively-large breasts.


Breast reduction Thailand: Why have it here?

breast-reduction-thailand-melbourneBecause of the physical and emotional problems having abnormally large breasts can cause, women (and men) opt to undergo breast reduction surgery. But if they are to have their surgery at home, it would cost them a large chunk of money, enough to make them reconsider or just bear with the pain instead of breaking the bank. Some patients who really couldn’t take the discomfort and embarrassment would resort to go abroad and have the surgery there where the procedure cost is half the price estimated at home. Yes! Breast reduction in Thailand is really inexpensive. Imagine undergoing the same procedure and pay within the price range of only $1475 to $9000, when the breast reduction surgery you will have here in Australia would cost you $6000 to $15000. Not only will you save money, but you also get to have your holiday vacation in an exotic tourist destination. Captivating, isn’t it?


Breast reduction Thailand: Is it worth it?

While breast reduction in Thailand sounds alluring and practical, is it really something you should consider? If you are still undecided and you need a little help, here are some things to think through before getting that first flight out to Thailand.

  • The reputation of your doctor. Do you know your doctor? Do you personally know anyone who underwent the same procedure under his services? It is during this time that referrals and recommendations come in handy.
  • The facility where your surgical treatment would take place. Is your breast reduction Thailand surgery going to be performed in a hospital, cosmetic clinic, or just your doctor’s office? Remember that this surgery is still considered a major operation, so it would be better if the facility where your surgery will take place has all the amenities you and your doctor would need during and after the operation.
  • The post-surgical conditions. Are you aware of the potential risks and complications this procedure may entail? Did your surgeon inform you of the protocols or standards that they follow should there be complications along the way? Can your safety and comfort be ensured by the surgeon and the whole medical tourism agency?
  • The breast reduction procedure. How are you sure that breast reduction surgery is the best procedure that would address all your physical and emotional issues?

If you know the answers to these questions and you are having doubts about your decision, think twice and consult the help of your trusted GP or family doctor so they can better guide you when thinking about your plastic surgery procedure. Although good results are expected, there is no guarantee, whether your surgery is performed here or abroad.


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