It is inevitable that you will have breast reduction scars after your surgery. But the question is, can they disappear? What can we do to make breast reduction scars fade and go away? Let us help you know more about breast reduction scars and give you tips on how to care for them.


Breast reduction scars: How do they look like?

Your postsurgical scars will have the same look and location as to where your incisions are made during the surgery. So, if your plastic surgeon performed breast reduction using the inverted T or anchor technique, you can expect that you will have a scar around your areola, a vertical line from the areola to your underboob, and a horizontal scar along the breast crease. If your surgeon performed the lollipop technique, your operative wounds would resemble that of a lollipop, with a circular scar around the areola and a vertical line the runs from the areola to the bottom of the breasts.



Breast reduction scars: What to expect postsurgery?

Because your breast reduction procedure involves only the bottom part of the breasts, you can expect that after the wounds are all healed, you can still wear clothing that emphasises your breast cleavage without showing your surgical scars. Low-cut dresses, bathing suits, and bra tops that accentuate your sexy image may not be a problem post surgery. However, for the scars per se, you can expect that you can still see them when you undress, and it is up to your wound care and lifestyle if its appearance would fade or not.


Breast reduction scars: How to make scars disappear?

Unfortunately, your breast reduction scars are permanent souvenirs of your surgery. Although they may fade and lighten,  they are yours for life. Here are some tips on how to make your breast reduction scars as unnoticeable as possible.

Avoid smoking. Studies show that smoking affects the average healing time set by the body. Longer healing time can make your wounds vulnerable to infection that may worsen their appearance.

Follow your doctor. The wound care instructions of your doctor guarantee complete healing of your scars. Make sure that you follow his advice when it comes to intake of pain medications and antibiotics that would prevent wound infection. Regular cleaning and proper dressing of the wound can also help in ensuring wound healing.

Apply scar creams prescribed by your doctor. Or, if you know a scar healing brand, make sure to ask for your doctor’s approval before using it. You can also apply moisturisers rich in vitamin E, aloe vera, and shea butter as these ingredients are known to reduce wound redness and lighten its appearance with continued use. Some swear by the magic of rosehip oil, Allium cepa, and other ingredients found in scar removal creams and ointments. Ask for your doctor’s take on these topical preparations before applying them on your skin.

Wear loose-fitting clothes. Materials that may irritate the skin may cause redness and may intensify the appearance of the wound. Letting your breast reduction scars breathe and be free from anything that would make your skin too sensitive and itchy is the best way to lighten them.

Avoid sun exposure. The effects of the UV rays we get from sun exposure makes your scars look darker and appear more emphasised.

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