Getting bigger breasts may be a trend most women and men who are ‘women-at-heart’ want to follow, but in reality, having bigger breasts are not always healthy and sexy-looking. Men and women endowed with overly large and asymmetrical breasts turn to breast reduction surgery to remove the excess volume and weight that cause pain and discomfort to their neck, back, and shoulders. Let us find out the breast reduction cost that people all over the world must expect to have their chests proportioned and reshaped to suit their body build.


Breast reduction cost:  Why undergo this procedure?

There are many reasons why men and women reduce their breasts as much as some would want theirs enlarged. Women who have excessively large breasts complain of back, shoulder, and neck pain from carrying their breasts’ dead weight. Most are hindered to participate in active physical activities like playing sports, and some are too self-conscious since their bosoms are catching unwanted attention. Men, on the other hand, develop man-boobs due to obesity or hormone imbalance causing a medical condition called gynaecomastia. Surgically removing excess breast tissue and skin solves their problems and boosts or improves their self-esteem.


Breast reduction cost: How is breast reduction surgery performed?


Breast reduction is performed under general anaesthesia, and there are two main methods in performing this surgery – the lollipop or the anchor techniques. In the lollipop technique, the plastic surgeon creates an incision resembling a lollipop by cutting around the nipple area and creating a vertical cut from the bottom part of the areola to the breast crease or underboob. The anchor or inverted T technique, on the other hand, creates the same incisions as the lollipop approach but has another horizontal cut that extended along the crease of the underboob. Both approaches expose the excess breast tissue, fat, and skin that need to be removed. After reduction, the edges get sutured and repositioned to make your breasts look perky and youthful.


Breast reduction cost: How much should I prepare?

In Australia, the average cost of breast reduction procedure ranges from $6000 to $8000, but other fees may add up to this cost. Varying factors that affect your surgery’s expenses include your surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia fee, hospital fee, and labs or medications post-surgery.

Below is a tabulated comparison of breast reduction cost in top-rated countries offering this functional and aesthetic plastic surgery procedure.


Cost Range for Breast ReductionAverage cost
Australia$5000 – $12000


– Sydney

$6000 – $15000$10175

– Perth

$4625 – $12000


– Melbourne$4500 – $12000


– Brisbane

$4800 – $7100$6450
– Gold Coast$6500 – $11300



$1000 – $10050$6425
USA$5400 – $13000



$1475 – $9000$4475
Costa Rica$1600 – $9900


South Korea

$2000 – $8000$4500
Greece$2475 – $9000


London (UK)

$4000 – $10000$7100
Philippines$1600 – $8800



The price estimates above are just rough cost quotations to guide you on how you can financially prepare for your breast reduction surgery. Discuss your financial concerns with your surgeon so he can look for ways to make your beauty journey hassle-free and worthwhile.

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