Having bigger breasts is seen as sexy and appealing. However, overly-large breasts that cause pain and discomfort, or sagging and drooping breasts may not be as attractive as other people think. Some patients with these conditions turn to breast reduction and lift combination. What is this procedure and how do they work hand-in-hand in improving your body silhouette?


What is breast reduction and lift?

Breast reduction and lift is the surgical combination of breast reduction and mastopexy. Breast reduction addresses the removal of excess breast fat, skin, and glandular tissue to make your breast size proportional to the body. Mastopexy deals with the surgical repositioning of sagging breasts and making them look youthful and perky.


How are breast reduction and lift performed separately?

For breast reduction, the plastic surgeon takes into account the amount of breast skin, fat, and tissue that he needs to remove. Once he determined all these, under general anaesthesia, he makes an elaborate incision that addresses all three components and removes them systematically. He also repositions the nipple area complex to suit the newly-shaped breasts.

For breast lift or mastopexy, the plastic surgeon removes excess breast skin to help tighten and make the breasts look firmer and more youthful. Repositioning of the nipple area complex is also done to suit the new shape of your breasts. It does not address the size of the breasts directly, only its appearance and positioning.



How are breast reduction and lift procedures similar?

While these procedures address different issues of a woman’s breasts, they also have some similarities. Both are routinely performed, and no other complexities are involved compared to other breast surgeries like breast augmentation. The results of both surgical procedures are already noticeable as soon as the procedure ends. The patient’s posture can also get addressed with these surgical procedures. Moreover, the incisions for these two procedures are almost similar and can be made in hidden parts of the breasts.


Can breast reduction and lift be beneficial for me?

Answer the following questions to determine if the combination of breast reduction and lift would complement or solve your breast problems:

  • Are you experiencing back, neck, and shoulder pain due to the heaviness of your breasts?
  • Have you noticed that the size of your breasts is no long proportional to your body figure?
  • Are your excessively large breasts preventing you from participating in active sports or other social activities?
  • Do your breasts appear drooping (the nipple on each breast is pointing downward to the ground)?
  • Do you see stretchmarks along your breasts as a sign of its sagging?
  • Have you heard comments about your bad posture?
  • Do you have skin irritation or developed skin rashes under the folds of your breasts? Even skin redness on your shoulder due to the tightness of your bra straps?


If you answered yes to these questions, you may want to consider getting the combination of breast reduction and lift to address your breast issues safely and accurately. As we all know, breast reduction may make your breasts look smaller and more proportioned to your body, but it cannot address its droopiness. Likewise, a mastopexy or breast lift can make your breasts look perkier, but if it is too big, there may be a chance that it will become saggy.

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