Big is good.

Well, not all the time.

Asymmetrical, large breasts can cause discomfort and may up your risks for some health concerns.

Let Breast Reduction Melbourne guide you in understanding your body’s needs and offer you options that you can have in Melbourne, like Breast Reduction.

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What exactly is

Breast Reduction?

Reduction Mammoplasty, commonly known as breast reduction, is a surgical procedure to remove excess fat, skin, and other breast tissue around the breasts to make it proportionate to the patient’s body.

The reason for this is called macromastia, a condition where breasts become overly enlarged that exceeds normal body proportions.

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Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Breast Reduction Melbourne clients who want to have breast reduction have had enough of the problems and restrictions brought about by macromastia. Generally, everyone is entitled to undergo breast reduction, provided that they are physically healthy and medically cleared from any cardiovascular or pulmonary conditions that may affect the surgery. Realistic expectations of the results should be made even before pushing through with the procedure.

Like any other surgery procedure, lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation and prohibition of medicinal or illegal drug use should also be implemented.

Breast Reduction Melbourne is more than willing to guide you on how to be a good candidate for getting breast reduction surgery. Contact us now!

breast reduction surgery in melbourne

How much would breast reduction cost?

In any medical or surgical procedure, the cost will always be an important consideration. Breast reduction in Melbourne can cost you with a rough estimate of $6000 to $8000 (AUD). Expenses incurred for a procedure vary and would depend on a lot of factors including the medical/diagnostic tests, surgeons’ and anesthetist’s fees, hospital fees, medications prescribed. You can consult with our Breast Reduction Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeons to discuss our treatment package and payment packages. Contact Breast Reduction Melbourne for more details and to book an appointment.

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Why get breast reduction?

Where breast augmentation is to improve the size and shape of the breasts using breast implants, breast reduction cuts down the size of overly large breasts when it affects a person’s quality of life. Most patients turn to breast reduction to alleviate pain in their back and neck brought about by the excess weight of their breasts. Some other complaints clients have that made them consider breast reduction surgery include:

Shoulder pain from tight bra straps
Worsening of spine problems
Poor posture developed due to heavy, large breasts
Nerve impingement that causes tingling sensation on arms or hands, sometimes even numbness.
Skin irritation or rashes under the breasts
Activity limitations and restrictions
Awkward attention focused on the size of one’s breasts

About Us

At Breast Reduction Melbourne, we make a difference.

In a world where body built is different for every individual, the face of beauty should all be about proportions. Long legs, bigger breasts, all these are not always beautiful if they are not proportionate to your body. A lot of people turn to plastic surgery to solve this problem. But not just any other plastic surgery clinics; they turn to Breast reduction Melbourne.

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Find yourself

the Perfect Surgeon

In Melbourne, not all surgeons can perform breast reduction surgery, or any other plastic surgery procedure better than a specialist plastic surgeon. Find one who has had years of experience performing any of the Breast reduction techniques and other plastic surgery procedures, be it cosmetic or reconstructive in nature. You can find one at Breast Reduction Melbourne.

More Facts on Breast Reduction

Risks of Breast Reduction
At Breast Reduction Melbourne, we know that any medical or surgical procedure may have potential risks and unforeseen complications no matter how careful you and your surgeon may be. To prevent these, expertise of the plastic surgeon and your adherence to all dos and don’ts before, during, and after the surgery is mandatory. This is what sets Breast Reduction Melbourne apart from all medical and surgical practices in Melbourne.

The following are just some of the risks and complications a breast reduction patient should put into consideration:

  • Infection
  • Prolonged Bleeding
  • Bruising or presence of blood clots
  • Difficulty of Breathing
  • Problems or Difficulty breastfeeding
  • Loss of sensation on breasts
  • Allergic reaction to medications/anaesthesia
  • Visible scarring/ keloid formation

Clear communication with the expert Breast Reduction Melbourne surgeon and full understanding of the procedure and its risks are some of the best solutions to avoid these situations. You must be assured that your overall safety and comfort will not be compromised at Breast Reduction Melbourne.

Kinds of Breast Reduction Surgery Approach
Vertical Breast Reduction:  At Breast Reduction Melbourne, incisions are found around the edge of the dark pigmented part of the nipple, called areola, and a vertical one from the bottom of the areola to the breast fold or underboob. This approach is more commonly known as the ‘Lollipop’ approach, because of the shape of the incisions.

Inverted T Breast Reduction:  Also called the ‘Anchor’ approach because the incisions for this approach resemble that of an anchor. Incisions are made along the edge of the areola, from the bottom of the areola down to the breast fold, and along the crease of the breast fold or underboob.

Liposuction:  Some Melbourne patients who need minimal reduction on the size of their breasts sometimes turn to liposuction to facilitate breast reduction. It is less invasive and needs shorter recovery time.

Contact our Breast Reduction Melbourne clinic and know more details about these breast reduction approaches.

Preparation for the procedure
At Breast Reduction Melbourne, clear understanding if the procedure and the dos and don’ts advised by your surgeon are keys to fully prepare for the surgery. Medical tests, such as mammograms, breast exams, and blood works may be required by your doctor to check your overall health and if there are any pre-existing medical conditions that would affect the whole procedure.

Medicines that you are currently taking should be reported to your surgeon to be sure that none of them may affect the surgery. Your doctor may adjust your dosage or may ask you to stop taking these medications if it would impede your breast reduction surgery.

If you are smoking, you will be strongly advised to stop before, during, and after the whole surgery process. The chemicals found in cigarettes and other smoking products slow down the body’s healing process that may cause a greater risk for infection.

Your Breast Reduction Melbourne plastic surgeon will examine and measure your breasts, its size, shape, and placement of nipple and areola, and other important points that would be needed for the surgery including your skin quality.

Pictures of your breasts will be taken and will be part of your medical record.

Your Breast Reduction Melbourne plastic surgeon will then discuss options you may take to address your problem. They may also recommend a treatment course that would be most suitable for your condition. The risks, potential complications, and the expected outcome of the surgery will also be discussed in full detail to ensure clear understanding before pushing through with the procedure.

What happens during the surgery?
Breast reduction surgery almost always requires general anaesthesia to be administered. At Breast Reduction Melbourne, it usually takes two to five hours for the whole breast reduction surgery to be done, sometimes longer.  Depending on the kind of breast reduction approach you and your Breast Reduction Melbourne surgeon have agreed upon, incisions will generally be made around the areola and toward the breast fold. Excess breast fat, tissue, and skin will be removed. Your nipples will be repositioned to suit your new breast size and shape. Stitches will be placed to close the incision site, drainage tubes will be attached to facilitate wound drainage, and bandage will be used to support your breasts. Sometimes, surgical compression bra can be utilized for added support and to help shape your breasts. Breast Reduction Melbourne will provide you with these if needed.
What to expect after the Procedure
Breast Reduction Melbourne patients usually stay in the hospital overnight; some may want to recover at home. Your plastic surgeon will recommend what he sees fit depending on how the surgery went.

Continue wearing the bandages and compression bra that were used around your breasts. The drainage tubes inserted to your breasts may be removed in a few days.

Pain, swelling, and bruising around your breasts are normal within a few days. These symptoms will be addressed with prescribed medications. Rest and a healthy diet also facilitate good healing and recovery time.

Follow up consultations with your Breast Reduction Melbourne plastic surgeon are essential to monitor how your surgery went. Any complications that could arise will easily be addressed with constant follow-up.

Return to work, daily activities, and exercise should all be approved by the Breast Reduction Melbourne surgeon. Special exercises and sometimes massages may be beneficial to you and will be prescribed by your doctor.